La Jaclotière

Birds, bugs and animals seen at La Jaclotiere and places round about.

  • 1Bat beneath the eaves of the gte
  • 2Buzzard hunting for worms
  • 3The church at St.. Georges du Bois
  • 4Crab spider pink - in our garden
  • 5Crab spider yellow
  • 6Deer seen from the velux window of the gte
  • 7Donkeys
  • 8Young green lizard on the plant pot outside our house
  • 9Hares
  • 10Hoopoe outside the gte
  • 1114th century chateau La Roche Abilen
  • 12Insect unique to Anjou
  • 13Praying Mantis laying eggs under our hangar
  • 14Chteau de Montgeoffroy at Maze
  • 15Partridge in our garden
  • 16The partridge family and a lonely pheasant
  • 17Rainbow in the field opposite
  • 18Wild boar (sanglier) running across the field opposite
  • 19Red squirrel outside the gte
  • 20Stick insect in the garden
  • 21Young swallows in the gte gutter waiting for food to arrive
  • 22Success!
  • jquery carouselToad
  • 24Wild flower bed in the garden by v8.5

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